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NetApp Insight Barcelona 2018
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1101-2 - Well-Architected Joint AWS and NetApp Solutions for the Real World The AWS Well-Architected framework helps cloud architects build the most secure, high-performing, resilient, and efficient infrastructure possible for their applications. Explore how integrating NetApp technologies into your design provides simplicity, manageability and performance to further optimize your workloads in AWS. We will dive deeper into the joint AWS and NetApp portfolio to learn best practices for making appropriate design choices. 1 Hour Breakout Adam Ginsberg - Architect
1103-2 - Securing and Hardening NetApp ONTAP 9 This session addresses the security and hardening functions of NetApp ONTAP 9. NetApp Data Fabric unifies the storage infrastructure and lets organizations move, store, and manage data across flash, disk, and cloud resources in a unified manner. However, today's threat landscape continues to serve as a reminder of the importance and value of ensuring prescribed security objectives and confidentiality, integrity, and availability for your organization's data and information. The session will highlight the ONTAP 9 cababilities to secure and harden the data, management, and control planes including NetApp Storage Encryption, NetApp Volume Encryption, FIPS compliance, RBAC, multifactor authentication, and securing access to NAS protocols. 1 Hour Breakout Dan Tulledge - Sr. TME
1104-2 - Extreme Storage Edge, IoT, and NetApp ONTAP Select The edge of the storage network in the overall data fabric context is moving further and further out. Running NetApp ONTAP Select on specialized/ruggedized platforms gives a new meaning to the edge of the storage network—it's going extreme. Find out how ONTAP Select facilitates IoT in the form of mobile storage, transitory networks, machine learning, data acquisition, and much more. Come see a demo of how the evolution of edge IT is becoming real. Learn about Select Validated Solutions and the Select Partner network. 1 Hour Breakout Peter Skovrup - Senior Director, Product Management
1106-2 - Rethinking VMware Data Protection with FabricPools NetApp FabricPools are highly automated means to transfer cold blocks off all SDD disk pools. By leveraging this technology, we can radically simply the data protection process for VMware environments. In this session, we will detail the function of FabricPools, how and why they simplify the VMware data protection process; and then look at some sample deployments. (Updated to include new ONTAP 9.4 features) 1 Hour Breakout Keith Aasen - Solution Architect
1107-2 - Voice of the Architect: HCI or Traditional Storage Design for VMware? HCI (HyperConverged Infrastructure) has entered the market with significant hype. This design can radically simplify the infrastructure required to support a VMware environment. Dedicated storage arrays do still have some distinct advantages though. In this session, we will help you understand what data to gather, how to determine the value of the various technical capabilities, and how to weigh the advantages of each platform. We will peel back the hype and FUD and help architects select a platform—and justify why to the business. We will finish with customer scenarios to apply what we learn. 1 Hour Breakout Keith Aasen - Solution Architect
1108-2 - Architecting High Performance MongoDB Databases on ONTAP MongoDB is the most popular NoSQL database in the market. During this session, we will learn the fundamentals of MongoDB replication and its storage engine WiredTiger—building the foundational knowledge required to dive into how to architect your NetApp storage for MongoDB. We will talk about NetApp best practices for MongoDB logical interfaces layout, volume/LUN layout, data protection, storage efficiencies. and performance—covering everything you need to know to deploy your MongoDB database on NetApp storage in the most efficient way. 1 Hour Breakout Peter Schay - Global Solution Architect
1109-2 - MetroCluster: Continuous Availability for Business-Critical Applications Businesses frequently require continuous availability for applications such as Microsoft SQL, or in virtual environments such as VMware vSphere. In this session, you will learn how NetApp MetroCluster provides continuously available storage with a no-charge feature of NetApp ONTAP. Understand how MetroCluster combines with VMware vSphere Metro Storage Cluster to provide resiliency that can be defined across racks, datacenters, a campus, or between cities. 1 Hour Breakout Manish Thakur - Sr. Product Manager
1110-1 - Consume Your Infrastructure with NetApp HCI: A Look at Customer Cases and Benefits Hyperconvergence of your IT infrastructure is big hype in the industry, and many customers are asking what it means to start consuming IT instead of managing it. In this session, we will demonstrate how customers have simplified their infrastructure and prepared their business for much more agile and responsive IT—ready for the digital environment. You will learn about cases where HCI makes big sense and how NetApp HCI can play with data fabric in a mixed classic and next-generation data center. 1 Hour Breakout Jeremy Hall - Consulting System Engineer
Gerhard Keller - Director Business Development CI BU EMEA
1111-1 - Introduction to NetApp StorageGRID and Exploring Object Storage Use Cases NetApp StorageGRID has several unique capabilities compared to other traditional storage systems. StorageGRID can provide massive performance and capacity scalability, while providing integrated and flexible data protection. It also has a strong association of data and metadata that information lifecycle management policies can utilize. This course will review key StorageGRID capabilities as well as provide examples of use cases, along with corresponding integrated partner solutions. 1 Hour Breakout Luke Mun - Global Solutions Architect
1113-2 - Using VMware VVols to Simplify and Automate Your vSphere SAN Storage As we upgrade to vSphere 6.X, many vSphere users are looking at the benefits of VVols: Giving them granular VM management for SANs—along with automated storage provisioning to streamline their operations and avoid errors. We’ll look at good use cases for VVols, study best practices for implementing VVols for both NetApp ONTAP and NetApp HCI, and explore the new performance provisioning and management capabilities of the latest VASA Provider. 1 Hour Breakout Karl Konnerth - Product & Partner Engineer
1114-2 - New and Improved Management Services for NetApp HCI and SolidFire Are your NetApp HCI and SolidFire clusters are humming along fine? Here is a look at the management services that are available to monitor, upgrade, control, and expand those systems. We will be bringing new services and capabilities on a regular basis. You will get an under-the-hood look at how the management services work and see a demo of their features. Managing NetApp HCI and SolidFire has never been so easy. 1 Hour Breakout Adam Haid - CO
1115-2 - Reducing Risk with SVM-DR for VMware Storage MetroCluster Environments NetApp provides many features for virtual infrastructures that enable customers to reduce risk and provide recovery at both the local and site level. While NetApp integration with VMWare Site Recovery Manager is undisputed, many customers search for a simple, easy-to-use solution. NetApp SVM-DR allows customers to provide faster site failover for both disaster avoidance and recovery by leveraging built-in features of NetApp ONTAP. 1 Hour Breakout Keith Aasen - Solution Architect
1116-2 - NetApp ONTAP Select: Business Applications and Best Practices The NetApp software-defined storage solution provides customers with increased flexibility and agility. This session will cover a number of use cases, along with best practices for each one. Use cases include: Database OLTP (Oracle, SQL), NetApp MetroCluster SDS, home directories, remote caching, and more. 1 Hour Breakout Tudor Pascu - New York
1117-3 - NetApp ONTAP Select Deep Dive The ONTAP Select solution architecture allows NetApp to introduce innovation faster and customize the price / performance point for each installation. We will focus on the new functionality in our latest releases such as SW RAID, capacity pools, NetApp MetroCluster SDS, FabricPools, NetApp SnapLock, and more. 1 Hour Breakout Tudor Pascu - New York
1118-1 - Streamlining Your AI Adventure: Learning from NetApp’s Data-Driven Transformation At NetApp, we are powering our own digital transformation from edge to core to cloud with Active IQ data. From defining our portfolio to supporting our products, data informs what we do. In delivering AI solutions, we’ve learned some surprising things. We’ll show you how we use artificial intelligence to derive information we can all use, share tips from our experience, give you quick links to some Active IQ data that you can use to power your own digital transformation, and talk about what kinds of questions we will be looking at next. 1 Hour Breakout Ross Ackerman - Active IQ
Kirsten Nelson - Sr. Solutions Marketing Manager
1119-1 - Cloud Backup Service 101: Protecting Your NetApp Cloud Volumes Service Data Cloud Volumes Service provides advanced data management services to control your data in the cloud, but is it sufficient? Even with the high availability and durability provided in public clouds, your data is still susceptible to a variety of risks including user error, malware and ransom attacks, and data manipulation by unauthorized parties. Taking snapshots alone isn't enough to fully address these risks, so don't fool yourself to thinking your data is always protected. Don’t lose your app data, analytic outputs, and competitive insights. Cloud Backup Service is now available as a new add-on feature to Cloud Volumes Service to protect you from these risks. Learn how you can additionally protect your cloud data, how simple it is to set it up, and walk away feeling confident you’ll never have to say, "There goes all my work! I should've taken a backup!" 1 Hour Breakout Christopher Wong - Technical Marketing Engineer
1120-2 - Best Practices for VMware vSphere and ONTAP: All Flash FAS, Hybrid Cloud, and Beyond NetApp and VMware pioneered the private cloud with ESX; and took it to new heights with iSCSI, NFS, VVols and powerful tools like VSC. Now we take it to the public cloud, leveraging NetApp Cloud Volumes together with VMware Cloud for AWS. We’ll update the best practices for vSphere with ONTAP on All Flash FAS systems, along with the latest on using Cloud Volumes ONTAP and ONTAP Select to take advantage of cloud and commodity hardware systems. 1 Hour Breakout Karl Konnerth - Product & Partner Engineer
1121-2 - NetApp SaaS Backup for Salesforce: A One-Stop Solution for Data Protection According to Forbes, customer relationship management, a.k.a. CRM, is the lifeblood of a business today. According to Gartner, CRM software sales totaled $26.3 billion in 2015 and they predict that this figure will continue to rise through 2018. SaaS is the most popular CRM application service delivery vehicle. We have SaaS providers like, Dynamics 365, Oracle CRM, and the list goes on. is the most popular CRM SaaS provider, best known for SaaS offerings like Sales Cloud, Service Cloud, Marketing Cloud, and more. While Salesforce has a great CRM SaaS application, they acknowledge having some gaps in their data protection strategy and leave it to partners to fill it. According to Forrester, cloud-to-cloud backup is the only practical option for SaaS data protection. In this session, we will look at the NetApp SaaS offering dedicated to Salesforce data protection. We will start with an introduction to the platform and offerings. We will discuss the out-of-the-box data protection features provided by Salesforce and why there is a need to have a third-party data protection solution. We will provide details about the service. Also, we will do a demo for NetApp SaaS Backup for 1 Hour Breakout Saurabh Singh - Technical Marketing Engineer
Namratha Manjunath - California
1122-2 - AI for Video Surveillance: From Video to Vision Explore the latest advancements in AI-driven video-surveillance applications such as facial recognition, crowd management. and public safety—and how video surveillance solutions based on NetApp E-Series deliver the reliability and performance required by these AI applications. Historically, CCTV cameras were passive devices, with human interaction needed to detect an incident. With advancements in cameras and sophisticated artificial intelligence and machine learning, cameras and video management software can now analyze live video in real time. Since these systems play a key role in event-based decision-making processes; storage reliability, performance, and accuracy are crucial factors in the wide adoption of such applications. This session will explore various AI applications in video surveillance scenarios and how NetApp E-Series consistently delivers the high performance and reliability required by these enterprise applications. While edge IoT devices become more intelligent in making recorded video versus metadata-only decisions (e.g. license plate numbers versus videos of cars), the deep learning or AI systems that collect this data are increasingly traversing a variety of services. NetApp has stepped up as an industry leader in enabling this area, with tools and utilities to allow for seamless flow across public and private cloud services. 1 Hour Breakout Hoseb Dermanilian - BDM
1124-2 - SAP HANA Runs Better on ONTAP NetApp provides integrated and validated solutions for SAP HANA, which allow you to complete your SAP projects in less time, with fewer resources, and lower delivery risk—and to simplify the daily operational tasks within your SAP landscape. NetApp offers a large set of certified storage solutions for SAP HANA, including integrated products for data protection and automation of SAP system-copy operations. This session will provide an update of NetApp certified solutions for SAP HANA and best practices. Efficient SAP system copies mean no more working nights to copy data, and with no impact on production—so your developers get the tools they need to accelerate your SAP projects. We will demonstrate how the storage cloning functionality of NetApp SnapCenter can be enhanced using external and PowerShell scripts to simplify and further automate SAP system copy operations. Rapid backup and recovery with no impact on production performance and time savings of more than 95% means your HANA environment is fully available to power your business. We will discuss how customers can optimize their data protection by combining the NetApp backup solution with SAP HANA system replication. 1 Hour Breakout Nils Bauer - SAP Competence Center Manager
1125-1 - Advantages to Running SAP Applications in the Cloud Using Cloud Volumes Whether you are a cloud newcomer, born in the cloud, or working in a hybrid or multi-cloud environment; you will require a solution that enables seamless management and protection of your enterprise workloads data. This session will demonstrate how SAP customers can extend their operations into the cloud using NetApp Data Fabric. We will discuss the different use cases for running SAP in the cloud on NetApp Cloud Volumes Service or NetApp Cloud Volumes ONTAP (formerly ONTAP Cloud). This will enable customers to define the right system architecture to run their SAP systems in the cloud and benefit from NetApp data management features. 1 Hour Breakout Nils Bauer - SAP Competence Center Manager
1126-1 - New-Generation NetApp E-Series and EF-Series Platforms This session provides an overview of NetApp E-Series and EF-Series platforms including new hardware and software introduced with SANtricity OS 11.50. We will discuss solutions where E-Series and EF-Series arrays provide enhanced value, and then transition to demonstrate the new features in the first release of NetApp SANtricity Unified Manager. 1 Hour Breakout Todd Edwards - Sr. Technical Marketing Engineer
1127-2 - Fight Back Against Ransomware Ransomware has become a huge problem in the enterprise space. Many professionals feel the question is not "if" they will have a ransomware infestation but "when." NetApp has some great ways to allow our customers to defend against ransomware. Attend this session to learn how to defend against, detect, and recover from ransomware attacks. This session will include presentation and demonstration. Topics and demonstrations to include: - What is ransomware and ransomwares evolution? - How ransomware infests (real-world examples) - Methods of detecting ransomware (demonstration of monitoring NetApp Snapshot copies), examples of third-party integration - Methods of preventing ransomware - Recovering from ransomware (including real-world example) - The future of ransomware 1 Hour Breakout Jorge Eduardo Gomez Navarrete - London
1128-3 - Day 0/1 Configuration Management Using Ansible for NetApp ONTAP The NetApp Ansible modules allow for rapid deployment and configuration management of NetApp ONTAP, NetApp SolidFire, and NetApp E-Series solutions. In this session we will step through an Ansible playbook that takes two ONTAP nodes and creates a cluster from them, defines aggregates, configures network interfaces, sets up a SVM, and provisions and presents storage. This allows for rapid, repeatable deployments that lower time from onboarding to usability. 1 Hour Breakout David Blackwell - Technical Marketing Engineer
1129-3 - Containers and NetApp: Making OpenStack Install, Backup and Restore Actually Easy OpenStack is a powerful hybrid cloud and EDGE location IaaS solution. Until recently, installation and management has been complicated and difficult. A typical example of this is restoring these environments. This can range from hard to impossible. Making extensive use of code examples, demonstrations and best practices - this session will focus on time and money saving solutions for the setup, backup, and restoration of OpenStack systems using the power of SnapMirror and Cloud Volumes ONTAP. 1 Hour Breakout David Blackwell - Technical Marketing Engineer
1130-2 - Day 0/1 Configuration Management using Ansible for NetApp Element Software The NetApp Ansible modules allow for rapid deployment and configuration management of NetApp ONTAP, NetApp SolidFire, and NetApp E-Series solutions. In this session, we will step through how to use Ansible playbooks for an Element Software platform (HCI or Solidfire) and show how modules can be used to configure and provision storage on these platforms. This allows for rapid, repeatable deployments that lower time from on-boarding to usability. 1 Hour Breakout David Blackwell - Technical Marketing Engineer
1131-2 - Protecting vSphere Using the NetApp SnapCenter Plugin for vSphere Come and learn to architect the NetApp SnapCenter plugin for vSphere for your vSphere data fabric. Be it a single vSphere site or multiple vCenters deployed in linked mode, we will look at different deployment options for SnapCenter plugins for vSphere. We will also dive into the data protection capabilities of the SnapCenter plugin for vSphere and how it can provide space-efficient backups for your virtual machines and datastores. We will demo the setup and configuration of the SnapCenter plugin for vSphere, along with exploring some of the exciting features of this plugin—including single file restore within a virtual machine. 1 Hour Breakout Rahul Sharma - Storage Architect
Steven Cortez - Virtualization Technical Marketing Engineer
1132-2 - NDAS: NetApp Data Availability Services for ONTAP Hybrid Cloud This new hybrid cloud data service application enables you to simply and intuitively orchestrate NetApp ONTAP data movement from primary to secondary to cloud S3 storage. The first data movement service offered will be backup. With an optimized, stripped-down interface targeted at the IT generalist, this new hybrid cloud app will be cloud-resident—enabling rapid deployment with no infrastructure to buy and maintain. Data (files, volumes, LUNs) can be rapidly and easily restored by selecting from a built-in catalog with search and browse capability. This session will provide information on and demonstrate functionality planned in the initial release, including how to: • Discover primary storage: ONTAP clusters, volumes, and existing NetApp SnapMirror backups. • Provide default and customized backup policies for end-to-end protection orchestration. • Back up and restore volumes and single files to/from AWS/S3. • Browse and search index to initiate data restore. 1 Hour Breakout Charlotte Brooks - Technical Marketing Engineer
1133-2 - AI Architecture for Deep Learning on NetApp E-Series in an HPC Environment This session will cover low-latency parallel file systems for deep learning on NetApp E-Series, as well as performance expectations using the Imagenet dataset. This will include investigating a price-performance-optimized solution for a cloud-connected environment. 1 Hour Breakout Harold Rusty Brown - BDM
1134-2 - Data Protection, Business Continuity, and Compliance Best Practices for Flash and Cloud There are many NetApp ONTAP integrated products, solutions, and strategies to choose from to protect data that resides in flash, the clouds or both. This includes OBC, MCC-FC, MCC-IP, SVM-DR, NetApp SnapMirror, SnapMirror Synchronous, NetApp SnapLock, DPO, and more. This session will start by comparing and contrasting those products and solutions with each other and positioning them against company imperatives such as business continuance, disaster recovery, backup, archive, and compliance—while considering the viable threats to your data such as natural disasters, site failures, hardware and/or software failure, ransomware, and rogue administrators. Next, we will make recommendations for the most effective strategies and solutions that result in optimal data protection and that take into account the physical and logical distribution of your company’s data and datacenters. Finally, bearing in mind the optimal solutions just described, this session will explain the steps necessary to architect a tailored strategy that combines those products and solutions to protect your data while, at the same time, ensuring it is accessible for analytics, dev/test, etc. 1 Hour Breakout Glenn Miller - Senior Product Manager
1135-3 - Use SnapLock WORM Storage for SEC, GDPR Compliance and Prevent Ransomware, Rogue Admins NetApp SnapLock WORM immutable storage is designed to prevent deletion, change, or renaming of data to meet regulations such as SEC 17a-4, HIPAA, FINRA, CFTC, GDPR, etc.—and has been doing so successfully for many years. With the rapid growth of bad actors, malicious employees, rogue administrators, and ransomware; SnapLock WORM storage is now being deployed in a new role—protection against malicious entities. In conjunction with this expanded risk environment, NetApp has added new features to SnapLock to simplify the management of compliant data. This session will start by describing the use cases that SnapLock covers, from regulatory mandates to accidental deletion or ransomware, explaining why action is needed and how to achieve that from a solutions perspective. The session will then describe in detail the functionality of SnapLock and how exactly it provides protection against the risks and vulnerabilities present in a modern-day data center—natural, accidental, and malicious events are all included. Finally, this session will explain the steps necessary to architect a tailored strategy that combines those products and solutions to protect your data while, at the same time, ensuring it is accessible for analytics, dev/test, disaster recovery, etc. 1 Hour Breakout Chris Winter - Senior Product Manager
1136-2 - NetApp SnapMirror Asynchronous and Synchronous Best Practices in a Flash and Cloud World Flash and cloud have added two almost diametric challenges to data protection in the modern datacenter. Increased application performance with flash and increased capabilities in the cloud can be negatively impacted by both backups and DR if not properly architected. This session introduces and justifies the best practices for data protection in a flash and cloud world by identifying the underlying mandates that an IT department is challenged with. When you understand data criticality and business continuity mandates, it's easier to undertake implementation of solutions with NetApp SnapMirror. SnapMirror Synchronous replication now plays a role in these solutions and we will discuss that in detail. However, getting "there" from "here" is sometimes not an easy or even straightforward task. This session will describe how to introduce new data protection practices in an incremental way that do not have to be repeated as you move forward, and that allow you to perform NetApp ONTAP upgrades simply and without operational outages. 1 Hour Breakout Chris Winter - Senior Product Manager
1137-1 - Superior Oracle Clouds with NetApp Cloud Volumes Cloud-based infrastructures are becoming easier to deploy and are delivering more and more value to real customers every day. The benefits are especially compelling for data-intensive environments such as databases. But running an enterprise application like a database requires enterprise-class data management. NetApp offers both Cloud Volumes ONTAP and Cloud Volumes Service to meet the full spectrum of performance and management needs for your critical database environments. Scaling is better, backups become faster and simpler to manage, and disaster recovery can be a pushbutton procedure—all at lower costs than traditional approaches. Complicated needs such as DevOps and scale-out replication of database and application deployments become easier and allow users to create wholly new services. New technologies such as Docker are also starting to disrupt the traditional cloud architecture. This session will focus on the specific role of Cloud Volumes ONTAP, which means ONTAP running in a VM within a hyperscalar environment, as well as the Cloud Volumes Services, which is ONTAP running as a NetApp managed service on real hardware within the public cloud. The focus is equally split between the business value of these approaches and the high-level technical implementation. The presentation focuses on Oracle, but the principles apply to almost any relational database environment. 1 Hour Breakout Jeffrey Steiner - MN
1138-2 - Containerized Oracle with Kubernetes Container technology including Docker and Kubernetes can dramatically simplify deployment and management of databases. Using a container approach means a standard, repeatable method of deploying databases. Reliability improves because databases are running securely within their own environments. Databases can be upgraded with little to no downtime by moving the persistent data to a container with newer binaries. Standardizing database deployments within a container also improves overall availability and reliability by avoiding the need for manual configuration work that is subject to human error. Finally, use of NetApp storage within a container delivers backup and recovery capability of the database in the container environment. We will explain the features and tools available that make all this possible, including how to integrate NetApp storage systems into containerized environments. We will also discuss different kinds of databases, and wrap up with demonstrations of real-life containerized Oracle databases. 1 Hour Breakout Jeffrey Steiner - MN
1139-1 - Infrastructure Business Strategies for Cloud and Hosting Providers The cloud and hosting industry is going through a lot of change, and the entire industry is undergoing its own version of transformation. This executive business-focused session will share analyst insights and industry trends to help service providers focus future roadmap strategies. This session will discuss how NetApp cloud and hosting customers are taking new storage services to market to grow new revenue opportunities, build multi-cloud models, and compete and collaborate with the hyperscale cloud providers. 1 Hour Breakout Stuart Oliver - Global Consulting Director
1142-2 - Deploying SQL Server and Docker on Cloud Volumes Service: What You Need to Know NetApp Cloud Volumes Service is built on proven NetApp ONTAP technology and other hybrid cloud data services. It enables analytics, DevOps, enterprise applications, backup, and disaster recovery. This session will demonstrate how to deploy enterprise databases such as SQL Server and SQL Server with Docker on the Cloud Volumes Service. 1 Hour Breakout Pat Sinthusan - SQL Server Evangelist
1143-2 - FabricPool Deep Dive: Use Cases and Best Practices when Tiering to the Cloud Learn how to get the most out of NetApp FabricPool, the ONTAP tiering technology that automates the movement of inactive (cold) data to low-cost object storage tiers—either on or off premises—dramatically reducing the total cost of ownership. This session details new functionality, advanced use, and best practices learned from the use of FabricPool in production environments. 1 Hour Breakout Arun Prasad Raman - Senior Product Manager
1144-2 - Tamper-Proof Your Objects with Compliance-Enabled NetApp StorageGRID We will provide an overview of SEC Rule 17a-4 and its impact as a “gold standard” for setting data governance requirements across industries. We will review the compliance capabilities in NetApp StorageGRID 11.1 that enable customers to meet SEC 17a-4 obligations. These include enforcing compliance grade write-once, read-many retention, ensuring duplicates of data, and complying with litigation hold requests. We will end the session with a demonstration on how S3 developer applications could use these features to manage compliance records. 1 Hour Breakout Duncan Moore - Director, StorageGRID Software Group
Aditya Kalyanakrishnan - Product Manager
1145-2 - Store Your Data in the Right Place on NetApp ONTAP 9 Clusters All-flash systems have dominated storage deployments over the past couple of years as customers refreshed systems based on high-RPM HDDs or added storage for new performance-demanding workloads. Are there still workloads that are a good fit for HDD-based storage? Absolutely! Come learn what those workloads are, and how clusters configured with a combination of flash and HDD storage provide value for a range of cluster sizes. 1 Hour Breakout Scott Bell - Technical Marketing Engineer
1146-2 - Data Efficiency and Global Scaling with JFrog Artifactory Using S3 Endpoints in the Cloud Builds and binaries are compiled objects post continuous integration (CI) workflow that are pushed in to repositories that are managed by JFrog Artifactory. The binaries are then promoted to the continuous deployment (CD) process before releasing in to production. Mid- to large-size enterprise organizations protect and scale the large number of binaries with volumes of data with less efficiency for development teams in local and remote locations. NetApp ONTAP allows business owners to reduce the data footprint during the backup process and rapidly recover from failures. Tiering less-frequently used data from NetApp All Flash FAS to low-cost S3 endpoints like NetApp StorageGRID Webscale and Amazon S3 further reduces the data footprint in the production environment. StorageGRID Webscale integration with Artifactory allows application-aware data replication that provides instant access to the binaries and artifacts for the remote users. 1 Hour Breakout Laurent Nicolas - Principal Engineer
Archana Ganesan - Software Engineer Development Tools
1147-2 - Hybrid Development with ONTAP and Cloud Volumes Organizations are embracing DevOps tools and processes for the continuous development, delivery and integration of business functions. Companies run a variety of distributed systems applications, such as Kubernetes for container management, and virtualization platforms like ESX to manage VM’s. These are used for various DevOps workflows. These distributed systems tools can run On-Prem (i.e. Private Cloud), in a cloud provider, or in a hybrid Cloud combination of the two. Hybrid Clouds are well-suited to run DevOps workflows. For stateful applications, there is typically a requirement for persistent storage. This needs to be highly reliable and provide performance at scale. A key demand of enterprises is that developers should be able to store data generated across DevOps workflows without having to worry about persistence or resiliency. These should be managed under the hood.    ONTAP and Cloud Volumes provide native file system compatibility for On-Prem and Cloud, which allows you to deploy existing and new applications in the cloud with minimal refactoring. Data storage is one of the vital resources required to make a DevOps environment run smoothly because storage needs to be provisioned quickly and efficiently. ONTAP and Cloud Volumes provide the resources to build and scale in a effective DevOps environment. 1 Hour Breakout Laurent Nicolas - Principal Engineer
Archana Ganesan - Software Engineer Development Tools
1148-2 - Build Automation with Kubernetes on NetApp All Flash FAS: More Workloads for Less Infrastructure Automating development workflows and IT operations is becoming more pragmatic for business owners as many datacenters are transforming from a CapEx to OpEx model. Developing and deploying next-generation applications in Kubernetes is quickly gathering momentum. NetApp ONTAP 9 on All Flash FAS is used as a data management platform for various phases of the software development lifecycle (SDLC). Automatic provisioning with a high degree of efficiency, management, and protection of data volumes on ONTAP/All Flash FAS for stateful containers is a strong requirement for code, build test phases for development at scale during the continuous integration (CI) process. Integrating ONTAP features like NetApp FlexVol volumes, NetApp Snapshot copies, and NetApp FlexClone clones using RESTfuls APIs directly in to the CI workflow, using tools like Jenkins, significantly enhances the developer build and test experience and enables faster time to market with zero-touch storage. 1 Hour Breakout Laurent Nicolas - Principal Engineer
Archana Ganesan - Software Engineer Development Tools
1149-2 - Modernize Data Protection for Microsoft Exchange Server Using NetApp SnapCenter and Best Practices Companies struggle with the rising cost of protecting Microsoft Exchange Server data that grows exponentially, with shrinking RPO / RTO requirements for minimal data loss. Learn how NetApp SnapCenter helps overcome these challenges with: 1. Scalable portable backup of mailbox database, leveraging NetApp Snapshot technology 2. Ability to restore and reseed from failure in minutes to keep your Exchange collaboration environment running non-stop 3. Quick and easy individual item-level recovery using single-mailbox recovery (SMBR) 4. Best practices 1 Hour Breakout Cheryl George - Technical Marketing Engineer
Manoj Kumar - Sr. Product Manager
1151-2 - Best Practices for Integrating Trident with Container Orchestrators Trident provides on-demand provisioning of the NetApp portfolio of storage products to the container ecosystem, enabling applications to request and receive the capacity and features they need when they need them. Container orchestration systems, such as Kubernetes and Docker, have matured and are now commonly used for production deployments across enterprises. This session will explore best practices for deploying Trident, configuring storage platforms, deploying orchestrator services, and empowering applications when using containers. Whether you are a storage administrator, PaaS administrator, or application developer, this session will provide valuable information how to best deploy, manage, and consume storage with your orchestrator. 1 Hour Breakout Ardalan Kangarlou - Senior Engineer
George Tehrani - Sr. PM
1152-1 - Deploying Red Hat OpenShift with NetApp Trident Red Hat OpenShift Container Platform is a complete container orchestration platform that enables all aspects of the application development process with one consistent solution that is capable of spanning across multiple infrastructure footprints. OpenShift integrates all the architecture, processes, platforms, and services needed to help development and operations teams traverse traditional siloed structures and produce applications that help businesses to succeed. Using OpenShift with Trident, the open-source dynamic storage provisioner from NetApp, extends this experience to simplify and automate persistent storage volumes. Trident integration with OpenShift allows infrastructure teams to define storage capabilities, while simultaneously enabling application teams to consume storage based on their needs — when they need it, where they need it, and how they need it. Learn how OpenShift and NetApp’s Trident can empower the development and deployment of applications in an environment which meets application needs with simplicity and ease. 1 Hour Breakout Amit Borulkar - Technical Marketing Engineer
1153-2 - Cloud Volumes and Containers: A Perfect Match Over two-thirds of Kubernetes deployments are being run in public clouds, such as AWS and Azure, and the cloud is also a common place to run Docker workloads. NetApp has multiple storage options for public cloud users, including NetApp ONTAP Cloud, NFS-as-a-Service, and NetApp Private Storage. But connecting these storage resources to containers can be a tedious process. Trident is the NetApp open-source storage orchestrator for containers. It is free and simple to configure in the cloud, and it makes it trivial to connect all of the storage options above to your containers. This session will outline several deployment scenarios for cloud-based containerized applications, and it will demonstrate how to leverage Trident for each one. Update: Includes NetApp Kubernetes Service (NKS). 1 Hour Breakout Clinton Knight - Sr. Software Engineer
George Tehrani - Sr. PM
1154-2 - How To Build a Unified Hadoop Data Lake and AI Infrastructure Using All Flash FAS and Cloud Volumes The NetApp Active IQ platform has evolved from a traditional Hadoop architecture to a hybrid cloud architecture over the past two years. We process over 70 billion data points daily with this new architecture that uses the best of on-premise and cloud infrastructure to deliver an agile, low-cost platform for Big Data and AI. In this talk, we will describe how we built a unified data lake using NetApp All Flash FAS, and how that led to a 12x reduction in storage space, a 30% reduction in operating expenses, and a substantial improvement in performance. We will also describe our AI edge-to-core-to-cloud data pipeline and how we leverage the public cloud, NetApp Data Fabric and Cloud Volumes to make it easy for our data scientists to build predictive models, as well as how NetApp simplifies analyzing Big Data in the cloud based on our validation and customer use case with different cloud service providers such as AWS, Azure, and Google Cloud. We will share our experience in HDInsight cluster using Market Place App, AWS EMR and EC2, Google DataProcs with Cloud Volume, NPS, and Cloud ONTAP for various Hadoop workloads. We will explain how we retrieve the Hadoop data from non-NetApp into NPS using Cloud Sync and share it with AWS and Google Cloud Platform and use the on-premise data in Cloud through NPS for Hadoop and Machine Learning workloads. Finally, we describe customer deployments and a powerful way to back up a data lake using the NetApp In-Place Analytics module (also called the NFS connector). 1 Hour Breakout Karthikeyan Nagalingam - TME
Shankar Pasupathy - Technical Director
1156-1 - NetApp FlexPod and Converged Systems Solutions Update Come learn about the new exciting FlexPod and NetApp Converged Systems solutions designed with leading technologies. Learn about FlexPod infrastructure, platform as a service, and VDI solutions—as well as enterprise application solutions like IBM Cloud Private, SAP HANA, Microsoft SQL Server, and Oracle. Hear about new Managed Private Cloud services and new solutions for Healthcare. See how the NetApp Data Fabric and DevOps capabilities are taking NetApp Converged Systems to new heights. And learn about new management software that simplifies FlexPod lifecycle management. This overview will provide an introduction to FlexPod, and an update of new NetApp Converged Systems products and solutions. 1 Hour Breakout Wyatt Bennett - Sr. Product Manager
1157-1 - NetApp Converged Infrastructure and NetApp HCI - The Better Together Story of NetApp's Converged Systems Come learn about the NetApp Converged Systems portfolio, which includes NetApp HCI, FlexPod® and NFLEX. This session will discuss the strengths and differentiators of each solution and how they integrate into NetApp Data Fabric to deliver unified solutions across the customer landscape from enterprise data centers, through remote/branch offices, and into the public cloud of choice. Learn about the synergies between NetApp HCI and NetApp Converged Infrastructures and how, together, they provide a solution unmatched in the industry. 1 Hour Breakout Mark Cates - Sr Product Manager, NetApp HCI Solutions
1158-1 - Converged Systems Advisor for FlexPod®: Simplify CI Operations with Cloud-Based Management NetApp's Converged Systems Advisor (CSA) provides FlexPod® customers with cloud-based management capabilities that reduce the time and expertise required to validate and manage FlexPod. Converged Systems Advisor for FlexPod enables IT teams to consistently monitor, validate, and report on the full-stack converged infrastructure (hardware, firmware, hypervisor). In this session, the team will showcase the SaaS customer portal, featuring health dashboards, infrastructure analytics and reporting capabilities that help teams automate FlexPod operations and lifecycle management. 1 Hour Breakout Wyatt Bennett - Sr. Product Manager
Aaron Kirk - TME
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